Brand Knew™ is a creative agency and technology studio.

Product Development + Brand Development + Social Marketing

The company offers services in product development, brand development & social marketing, and also applies resources in these disciplines to select start-up ventures in exchange for equity through a developmental venture equity program.  Rooted in the ideology that the Internet and its gamut of marketing platforms are in perpetual shift, Brand Knew develops creative digital strategies and proprietary technologies that effectively help bring ideas to market.

This efficiently generates online traction, general brand awareness and offline conversation.

Our clients are our greatest advocates, and our work speaks for itself >

Product Development

Our process is simple, strategic and streamlined.

Brand Development

We refine brands to redefine their relevance.

The word ‘brand’ was originally Old English for ‘burning stick,’ which enabled farm owners to burn their proprietary mark into the hide of animals to establish ownership. Each brand was distinctive and recognizable, which meant that these marks inherently established relative value. Livestock carrying a specific brand constituted an upper echelon owner who treated his animals better, providing conditions more conducive to producing better tasting meat. Word spread throughout the community and this brand became more highly prized, commanding a premium.

Through comprehensive internal review, competitive landscape analysis, and a systematic process of message optimization, Brand Knew helps brands to differentiate themselves from crowds of similar products and initiatives, and to develop emotional relationships with target audiences. These services span logo development, visual marketing campaigns, general design and targeted messaging.

Do Not Touch

Social Marketing

Creativity is the currency.

The best marketing is conversational, and the greatest points of brand traction stem from social recommendation. Social platforms are only as useful as the creative implementation of content is engaging. Brand Knew collaborates with clients to optimize content curation across both the spectrum of popular social platforms and the lesser known, but equally utilitarian assets. By establishing a holistic strategy that threads a brand’s narrative organically and cohesively across the web’s social properties, Brand Knew establishes emotional, lasting relationships between brands and target demographics.

Developmental Venture Equity

Brand Knew’s accelerator program provides qualified start-ups with affordable services and a productive, nurturing environment in which to navigate the often unpaved paths that lead nascent ventures on their trajectories towards success.

Our firm seeks dynamic concepts from tenacious founders who understand the importance of building businesses with strong technology foundations. Brand Knew leverages its strengths and experience to integrate proven methods in efficiently bringing ideas to market. These methods systematically uncover inefficiencies, increase speed to market and ensure greatest probability for success.

Sample DVE Companies
Brand Knew accelerates early-stage companies on their trajectories towards more traditional, institutional capital.
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The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.
– Phil Jackson

Co-Founder & CEO

Co-Founder & President

EVP, Brand Development

Director, Brand Strategy

Director, Creative

Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager


Marketing Coordinator


Media Buying Specialist

SEO/SEM Specialist

Technical Advisor

Technical Advisor

Marketing Coordinator

Fall Intern

Zach Suchin
Co-Founder & CEO
Los Angeles, CA

Born and raised in Los Angeles to a family deeply immersed in the entertainment industry, he absorbed pop-culture and took great interest in the media and technology sectors. Throughout high school, he worked for executive management at Sony, 20th Century Fox, ICM and The Firm. He earned bachelor degrees in both Political Science and Film at Emory University, while marketing high-profile weekly events for college students, featuring recording artists such as Akon, Jermaine Dupri, Ludacris, Outkast and Jeezy.

In 2006, Zach moved back to Los Angeles with an increased knowledge of digital marketing and proceeded to develop College Tonight with Jason Schutzbank, which in its first 12 months of operation, won the Mashable award for Best Event-Based Social Network and was published in Generation MySpace as one of the top 15 social networking sites on the Internet. What started as a conduit between local businesses and college students, became a more robust collegiate platform. The Quad consisted of a retail outfit, collaborative tools and essential Greek community features. Suchin led the company through a substantial venture round, eventually taking the small-cap company public in late 2007. This made Suchin the youngest CEO of a publicly-traded company in the United States. With Zach at the helm, the company grew past a market capitalization of over $100 million. He and Jason sold their share of the company in early 2009.

The duo then co-founded Brand Knew to help both start-ups and veteran brands better navigate the digital landscape.  Suchin is credited with having invented the developmental venture equity model now popularized by boutique digital agencies, guest lectures in new media at UCLA and has been a technology contributor on BloombergTV.  Zach sits on the board of directors for several portfolio companies and the steering committees for various non-profit organizations, serving as the Digital Chair for YaLa Academy.  He remains intimately involved in the creative direction of Brand Knew’s service clients and chairs both the Brand Knew Opportunities conferences and the Causathon event series.

Jason Schutzbank
Co-Founder & President
Philadelphia, PA

Since the age of 14, Jason Schutzbank has had significant interest in the technology sector, starting a web development and design company as one of the youngest operators in the country. As President & CEO of Philly Designs, Jason creatively and professionally helped a variety of businesses enter the digital space. Notable clients include the Wahlrich Group, Marty’s Shoes, Business Book Review, and Julian Krinsky Camps and Programs.

He worked on many successful branding and marketing campaigns, with an emphasis on ease of use and utilizing envelope-pushing strategies, making his clients leaders in e-commerce and online marketing. His creative ideas were implemented during a campaign for Subaru of America while participating in a college marketing program. With extensive experience in management and information technology, Jason co-founded College Tonight, Inc., a publicly traded social media company in 2007, becoming one of the youngest c-level executives of a public corporation. After a successful exit from troubled public markets in early 2009, Jason went on to co-found Brand Knew. Jason leads overall technology architecture across Brand Knew’s service clients and portfolio companies.

Russell Meyerowitz
EVP, Brand Development
Johannesburg, South Africa

Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, Russell and his family moved to San Diego in 1996. Russell was immersed in start-up culture at a very young age, which resulted in early hands-on exposure to the entrepreneur lifestyle.

In 2007, Russell started OnFIREbeerpong, Inc. which soon became a national leader in the distribution of portable and custom beer pong tables.

After acquisition in 2008, Russell joined College Tonight, Inc. to begin development of the social shopping component for Russell helped produce and bring on global sponsors for a nationwide college fashion show featuring Lauren Conrad. After CTI was sold, Russell moved back to San Diego to start MEYROW, Inc. – a digital agency specializing in revitalizing and empowering brands to empower others.

After a successful stint in San Diego, Russell re-joined Zach Suchin and Jason Schutzbank in Los Angeles. Working intimately with clients and assessing their goals to develop and effect integrated brand strategies, Russell oversees core architecture and ensures efficient execution. Russell brings years of experience and success in generating brand equity momentum and improving user experiences.

Russell threads custom solutions for clients, by producing efficient programs from Brand Knew’s variety of services and brings a business owner mentality, energy, focus and passion to Brand Knew; personifying company culture and the elite level of services provided to clientele. Outside of work, Russell enjoys family life, playing tennis and overseeing the vision of the MEYROW Foundation; a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of individuals living with Parkinson’s.

Alessandra Torre
Director, Brand Strategy
Los Angeles, CA

Ali comes to Brand Knew from a background in talent management and digital strategy. During her seven-year tenure at top management firm Management 360, Ali helped shape the careers of the firm’s top talent clients by strategically identifying and pursuing high-level film, television and endorsement opportunities.

In 2012, enticed by the growing potential of new media, Ali accepted a position as Director of Business Development and Partner Strategy at EQAL Media Networks. While at EQAL, she continued to foster a deep understanding of integrated marketing plans, including digital advertising, global marketing strategies, multi-faceted promotional campaigns, and social media extensions.

Ali joined the Brand Knew team in 2013 as Director of Brand Strategy bringing with her more than 8 years of experience leading teams on the front line of content strategy and product development.

She attended the University of Michigan and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in History with a minor in Communications.

Maurice Martineau
Director, Creative
Guaynabo, PR

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Maurice moved to Los Angeles to achieve a masters of science in Biochemistry at the University of Los Angeles, California. After completing his thesis, Maurice decided to pursue his passion and let imagination drive. He was able to learn how to manipulate pixels while studying biochemistry, and took an entry-level position at an internet/media agency. Writing gossip articles for the company while learning the ropes of the internet business, Maurice stayed after hours each day to practice and improve his design abilities. He was eventually given the opportunity to tackle small design tasks. During the recession, the company was forced to reduce its 8 designer team to just 2, and Maurice was chosen to keep on board as he’d become an essential creative asset to the organization. He started to take charge of bigger tasks and challenges, helping him to mature as a designer. Maurice also worked with multiple agencies and corporations as a freelancer over the years.

Now an experienced creative leader, Maurice joined the Brand Knew team to guide every pixel that comes out of the agency. His designs span from web to mobile apps, from brochures to high-scale posters. Maurice’s gamut of work has spanned elite projects with Toyota, AOL, EL AL Airlines, Popchips, Roxio, Patricia Cornwell, Goodwill, Got Your 6, and Adobe, amongst others. Few people who first meet Maurice now believe his history as a biochemistry lab teacher of 7 years… until they observe his meticulous process and academic reasoning. Outside of work, Maurice is constantly seeking outdoor adventures, sports and music endeavors. His favorite quote is “sharks are born swimming.”

Laura Day
Marketing Manager
Torrance, CA

Laura graduated magna cum laude from Gonzaga University with a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and a minor in Promotions and Sports Management. Her role at Brand Knew provides her with an opportunity to combine a passion for marketing with the work ethic she developed as a record-breaking team captain of the Division One volleyball team during her tenure at GU.

As a natural leader who thrives in a competitive team environment, Laura also earned the title of VP of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, while pursuing her degree. Laura works intimately with clients, helping them to navigate the plethora of rich media opportunities across social platforms, generating organic brand buzz both on and offline. In her free time, Laura enjoys cheering on the Lakers (with her somewhat unhealthy obsession with Kobe Bryant), rooting for the Zags, working out and reading.

Cory Lopez
Marketing Manager
New York City

A traditionally trained journalist, Cory has now traded news for new media. After several years covering entertainment for American Media, Inc. and Spin Media, she came to Brand Knew to turn her writing, editing, and digital media skills toward marketing — helping to define, develop, and drive brands through content and creative strategies across social platforms.

Born in the West but bred in the East, Cory once upon a time left behind her beloved New York City to travel throughout Southeast Asia for several months, which only fueled her fascination with how the internet is unifying our world, one click at a time. Now she’s returned to her roots in Los Angeles, where she lives by the beach, runs by the beach, and fails at parallel parking by the beach.


Matt Billings
Calgary, AB

From an early age, Matt showed enthusiasm for both listening to and playing music. As he grew older he excelled in various logic based subjects and attributed his fondness for these seemingly unrelated entities to his early study of music theory – the combination of creative expression and math. After graduating from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in film theory and at a loss of where to go next in life, he decided to revisit web design which he had briefly experimented with in high school. Quickly realizing that it brought the same satisfaction of creativite expression while tackling logic based problems, he began to develop his skillset and pursue freelance work. After reconnecting through social media with Russell Meyerowitz, with whom he’d attended high school, he relocated to Los Angeles and began working with Brand Knew.

Colette Robinson
Marketing Coordinator
Mill Valley, CA

Colette graduated from Indiana University with a bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications and a minor in Spanish. Originally from San Francisco, but always ready for a good road trip, Colette made the move to LA and joined the Brand Knew team in 2013. With experience in TV and radio, marketing, advertising and fundraising, Colette has a solid grasp of today’s media landscape. She brings her enthusiasm for creative marketing and branding to the team, and is dedicated to helping clients organically promote their social agendas and efficiently grow conversation around their brands. Colette enjoys learning to count to 10 in as many languages as possible, rooting for the San Francisco Giants, traveling, and painting.

Chris Cheung
Long Beach, CA

Zhiwan (z-one), who sometimes goes by the name Chris, is an artist and web developer. He studied painting at Cornell University before traveling the world to figure out life. A variety of jobs took him to Seoul, Berlin, and Los Angeles. Along the way, Zhiwan taught himself how to make websites, eventually becoming a WordPress and Magento specialist. While working as a professional web developer in LA, he picked up many skill sets and worked on freelance projects before landing at Brand Knew. Currently, Zhiwan is pursuing an MFA in sculpture at Carnegie Mellon, while continuing to work for Brand Knew.

Michael Carroll
Media Buying Specialist

Michael Carroll graduated from Mississippi State University with a BA in marketing, advertising and business administration.  He has strategized, created, and managed advertising and marketing campaigns for companies ranging from local to national advertisers in several different industries. His core competencies include traditional, digital and social media marketing campaigns.  His digital and online proficiencies include: Google Adwords, Omniture, adCenter, behavioral targeting, contextual targeting, site retargeting, search retargeting, dynamic rendering and many more.  Michael has worked intimately with the digital teams at NASCAR, Toyota, Krispy Kreme and various others.

Roman Zelvenschi
SEO/SEM Specialist
Chisinau, Moldova

Roman was an SEO expert before the term even existed.  Blessed with a weird last name, Roman ranks #1 on Google for Zelvenschi, without having built a single link. Born in the Soviet Union and raised in Israel, Roman has been immersed in two raw entrepreneurial cultures since his early childhood. At the age of 22, Roman was part of Imperial Energy PLC’s team that led the sale of the company to ONGC for $2.1 billion. The start-up bug has been with him ever since.

Roman believes marketing is an investment that should have a clear and measurable ROI, which is why he’s established himself as an expert in SEO and SEM over the past 7 years. He takes a scientific approach to planning, executing and measuring each campaign.  He eats regressions and multivariate analysis for breakfast.  Roman implements holistic marketing plans that integrate new media with traditional time-tested marketing concepts.

Stenio Ferreira
Technical Advisor
São Paulo, Brazil

Stênio is originally from São Paulo, Brazil, where he graduated with a computer science degree in 2003. After 3 years working as a software developer, he decided to venture to the US to work with a small, but growing consumer goods company. Starting in IT, he gradually became involved with sales, marketing and account management.

To support his new responsibilities, Stenio pursued an MBA at the University of Chicago in 2011 and acquired a PMP certification in 2012. In order to keep current with the latest technologies, in 2012 he developed and published his first iphone app – In his spare time throughout 2013, he worked as a consultant for different startups, and in 2014 he decided to leave his previous job and dedicate himself full-time to this endeavor.

Stênio is interested in startups, technology, design, sports and sustainability.

Hugh Myers
Technical Advisor
Santa Barbara, CA

The son of an entrepreneur, Hugh has always been fascinated by the process of starting and building businesses.  Technical from a young age, his parents told him that he would need to learn to write thank-you notes or write code–coding seemed easier at the time.

Hugh is currently the CTO of Newsbloom, a full-service technology platform for publishers. Prior to Newsbloom, Hugh built products for companies ranging from small startups to large enterprises like Symantec and F5 Networks. He enjoys swimming, cooking, and cycling.


Marketing Coordinator
Los Angeles, CA

We’re hiring.  Looking for a marketing coordinator in our LA office with a bachelor’s degree in a related field and a strong understanding of marketing/advertising.  Must have experience with all social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, Vine, YouTube, Tumblr and Foursquare.  Strong organizational skills, and superb verbal/written communication skills required.   We want someone who thinks outside of the outside of the box.


Fall Intern
Los Angeles, CA

We’re hiring.  Looking for an intern this fall in our LA office who is currently pursuing a bachelor of arts or masters in marketing, computer science or design.  Must have basic experience with social platforms and a general understanding of the the technology sector.  Strong organizational skills, and superb verbal/written communication skills required.   We want someone who is insatiably hungry and thinks outside of the outside of the box.



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